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Web Strategy Review

Often we find that business owners procrastinate about their website so much, that they never get around to taking action to create or improve it…. or some business owners rush into creating a website, setting up social media, or establishing a paid advertising campaign, without really taking a look at the whole picture, and then months (or even years) down the track realise that it is not working for them.

Neither of these options provide an effective way to get the best out of your website… a little planning can help you determine the best options for your website, provide you with guidance on which website features are going to be most effective, and provide you wioth a “plan” on how to achioev the best result for your business.

Website Strategic Review

We offer a Startegic Planning Service for your website and online marketing strategy – designed to help you determin the best strategy for improving your Online Presence..  This is a 2 hour session where we  :

  • start by looking at your existing online profile
  • undertake a website audit
  • review your business aims, goals and targets
  • define your target market
  • look at your existing marketing strategy

… and come up with a strategic plan to provide you with specific actions to improve and optimise the effectiveness of your website.

Website Strategic Planning

Our website strategy session is not traditional training or consullting… the goal is to put a stop to your procrastination, and put a plan in place for specific actitivites you can follow to improve the effectiveness of your website, and grow your business.

We can cover a variety of topics in our Strategy Session and provide you with some clear direction and a “To Do” list of what you could/should be doing to improve  your website and onl;one marleting strategy.

The types of topics we could cover include :

  • Plugin/Theme/WordPress Updates
  • Backup Strategy
  • Site Speed Check
  • SEO Strategies
  • Conversion Optimisation
  • SSL Update
  • Content Updates
  • Functional Enhancements
  • Mobile Friendliness (Responsiveness)
  • Analytics & Google Search Console
  • Integrating with Social Media
  • Image Optimisation
  • and more….

Bring along your WordPress, cpanel and Google Analytics logins and we will even make a start on improving your website during the session.

If you’ve any questions or would like to book your Strategy Session, Contact Us or call Andy Now on 0403 023 223.