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About Us

Before charging into who we are and what we do… we’d like to talk a little about you, our potential new client…

About You

You are probably either a small business owner, or someone in an administration or marketing role who has been tasked with “looking after the website”.

You may have an existing WordPress website, that was developed for you (by a friend/relative or developer who didn’t teach you how to use it properly).. or you have an old website that you are embarrassed about, or that is not generating the leads/enquiries/sales that you had hoped… or maybe you don’t yet have a website, have realised how important it is to have an effective online presence and have heard that WordPress is the best tool to use for creating and managing your own website.

You may have used WordPress, but are not quite sure how to make the changes you want to… you may think you know what to do, but are worried about “breaking something”… or if you are creating your first website, you may be confused or even overwhelmed with the technology and not sure how to get started…

A little About Us

We have a strong background with web development going right back to the early 1990’s (yes the web really did exist then).

We have running a Brisbane SEO Agency since 2001, and the Brisbane SEO Meetup since 2007 (before Meetups existed) and have extensive experience with Search Engine Optimisation, Search Engine Marketing, Conversion Optimisation,  Analytics, and Online Marketing.

We have have been using, training and consulting in WordPress since 2005 (WP was released in May 2003), have created hundreds of WordPress Websitses and trained thousands of WordPress Users.

We understand that the internet and managing your own website can be a confusing and sometimes overwhelming place and we have a lot of experience with describing it in simple terms and providing our clients with hands on training to give you the experience and confidence you need to create and manage your own WordPress Websites