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Web Photography Course

web-photography-in-a-dayHow often have you been to a website but been turned off by the poor quality (or complete lack) of photos.  Now take a close look at your own website – do the photos you are using inspire, or scare off your potential customers ?

In today’s “Digital age”, digital photography has well and truly taken the place of traditional printed photos and hardcopy photo albums, and the internet is becoming the primary medium for displaying and sharing photos.  Add to this the proliferation of user managed websites and blogs, and an explosion in the use of photos on social media, and it should be no surprise that more and more people are becoming interested in “Web Photography”.

Many of the photos we see online, particularly those that are “user” generated are pretty ordinary, and most of us are probably guilty of uploading a “not so great” image to the web at some time or other.

How to take Photos for the web

web-photosMany people find the idea of editing and uploading digital photos daunting, however, with a little training, a few hints and tips, and a bit of guidance, most people find they are able to relatively easily create and upload “professional” looking photos for the web .

This course  not only instructs students on the fundamentals of taking good photographs. It also guides them through the process of editing and publishing better photos for use on the web.

Whether it is product photos for your eCommerce site, portraits or head shots of your staff, photos to reflect your services, or photos to stress a point in your blog, having good photos on your website is critical to your users experience and is likely to have a significant impact on the effectiveness of your website.

Web Photography In a Day Workshop

compact-digital-camerasWe have established a specialised web photography training program designed to teach website owners and bloggers the fundamentals of taking editing and publishing photos for use on the web.

This workshop, which is usually held in Brisbane or on the Gold Coast (but could also be conducted at your business) offers 8 hours of hints, tips and hands on training

The Web Photography In a Day  workshop will   :

  • Give you an understanding of the basics of digital photography
  • Highlight the options, capabilities  and features of your camera
  • Teach you how to take better digital photographs
  • Show you how important Lighting is for good photos
  • Teach you how to use the most important features of photo editing  tools
  • Explain the fundamental characteristics  of web photos (type, resolution and size)
  • Teach you how to instruct and direct a professional photographer

There are 3 major aims of this course:

  1. Provide the basic fundamentals of picture taking and editing in the digital age as it relates to websites
  2. Provide practical hands on training to enable students to take better images for their websites
  3. Provide the tools necessary and knowledge base to confidently instruct a professional photographer to take Images for their website

What do you need

canon-digital-slrOur Web Photography In a Day workshop is perfect for you if you :

  • Recognise the importance of good quality images on your website or blog
  • Have an interest in improving the quality of photos on your website
  • Would like to learn how to take, edit and publish high quality, effective photos
  • Have your own camera (preferably, but not necessarily a DSLR)

How to Book

To find out more about the Web Photography courses or training, or to reserve a spot on the next Web Photography in a Day workshop, please contact us