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Websites In an Hour (Mini Workshop)

If you are considering creating your own website and wanting to find out a bit more about the world of website development, but are a bit daunted by the technology, or are not quite sure where to start – then this 2hr mini course is perfect for you.

This mini workshop is designed to answer the following questions for you :

  • How can a  website help my business grow?
  • What type of a website should I have
  • What do all those weird terms mean? (Domain Name, Hosting, SEO, Blog, eCommerce, Social Media, etc)
  • What options do I have for developing a website?
  • What do I need to know to create a website
  • If I need a website – where do I start?

What will you Learn?

Websites in an hour is designed to provide anyone interested in having a website with the basic information you will need, to make informed choices about how to go about it. This class  won’t teach you to be a web developer, but it will

  • explain the basic terms and concepts related to building a website
  • provide you with an excellent understanding of the fundamentals of creating a website
  • help you to understand how a website could help your business
  • allow you to better understand the options for developing a website
  • provide you with the knowledge you need so you can make an informed decision about your own website
  • clarify what steps you should take towards getting your own website

What is in it for you ?

Attendees of this mini workshop course will :

  • Learn about the benefits of a website to your business
  • Gain a better understanding of website related  terms and technology
  • Understand the options associated with development of your own website
  • Get the chance to have any of your web related Questions answered
  • Receive handout summarising terms and topics covered
  • Receive a worksheet to take with them to help plan their own website

How to Book

We regularly run our Websites In an Hour mini classes once or twice each month.  These workshops run for 2 hrs at either Brisbane or the Gold Coast , at a cost of  just $44 (including GST).  To see the next scheduled mini workshops – see our Calendar, or feel free to Contact us for more information.