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Remote Training/Consulting

We typically provide our Training/Consulting Services face to face, but also offer remote training and consulting via the Internet and/or phone.

Remote Training / Consulting can be available option if it is difficult or impossible for you to come to our Brisbane Training training centre…. or you want to save travel cost or time.

Remote training / Consulting can be particularly useful if :

  • You are based at a remote location – travel time/costs are prohibitive
  • You find it difficult to travel
  • You only require a short (1hr) training session
  • You wish to book a session at short notice – we can sometimes squeeze in a remote session with little notice

We typically provide Remote Training in 1-2 hr sessions (it becomes difficult to maintain concentration after much more than 2hrs).

We can sometimes provide remote training over the phone, but prefer to use screen sharing software (such as Skype, or Teamviewer) so that we can each see each other’s screens.

If you’d like to find out more about Remote Training/Consulting…
or book in for a session, please call us on 0403 023 223 or Contact Us.