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SEO for WordPress In an Hour (Mini Workshop)

An Introduction to Search Engine OptimisationIf you have an existing WordPress Website or Blog that is not generating the sales. enquiries, comments or traffic that you had hoped for (or expected), there are probably steps you can take to make improvemenst that will boost your search rankings and traffic.

In it’s basic form (“out of the box”) WordPress is already pretty search engine friendly.  WordPress has built in features and functionality that make it easy for search engines to crawl and indexed it’s content.  However, with some small changes to the standard settings, installation of some extra plugins, and some smart (but simple) content creation strategies, you can give your site a significant boost.

What will you Learn?

SEO for WordPress in an hour is designed to teach WordPress site owners the fundamentals of Search Engine Optimisation and provide them with the knowledge they need to make informed choices about how to go about optimising their website. This class  won’t teach you to be an SEO professional, but it will

  • explain the basic terms and concepts related to Search Engine Optimisation
  • provide you with an excellent understanding of the fundamentals of SEO
  • highlight some WordPress Settings and Plugins which can help improve your sites Search Rankings
  • provide you with some simple strategies to generate search friendly content for your site
  • provide you with the knowledge you need so you can make an informed decision about optimising your own website

What is in it for you ?

Attendees of this mini workshop course will :

  • Learn about the benefits of SEO
  • Gain a better understanding of SEO  terms
  • Get the chance to have any of your SEO related Questions answered
  • Receive handout summarising terms and topics covered

How to Book

We regularly run our 2 Hr SEO fort WordPress In an Hour mini classes most months at either Brisbane or the Gold Coast , at a cost of  just $44 (including GST).  To see the next scheduled mini workshops – see our Calendar, or feel free to Contact us for more information.