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WordPress Consulting

In terms of WordPress, one of In a Day’s  main goal is to educate our students on how they can  maximise the benefits from their online presence (their website).  However, we do understand that some people just don’t have the time, desire, or need to learn how to use all of the features that WordPress has to offer, but they still want to make sure that their  WordPress site is set up to be as  effective as possible.

We offer personalised WordPress Consulting Services for people who need their site optimised, extended or improved but don’t have the time or need to learn how to do it themselves.

WordPress Consulting Services

Because each website is different – with different features, aims and goals, the functional requirements for each site can vary significantly.  WordPress provides a very solid, but flexible environment, with many different designs and layouts available (themes) and can be extended with  loads of extra features (via plugins) to cater for the specific needs of most website owners.

We offer customised,  WordPress consulting services which can be personalised to cater for the needs of pretty much any WordPress requirements you may have.  We can provide some (or all) of the following

  • WordPress training (usually one on one and face to face but we can also do this remotely)
  • WordPress installation, setup and configuration
  • WordPress theme selection, installation and customisation
  • WordPress plugin selection, installation, configuration and customisation
  • WordPress Troubleshooting, fault finding and resolution (HTML, CSS and PHP)
  • WordPress SEO Services – to optimise your sites search rankings and visibility online
  • and much more….

You can book a WordPress Consultant for as little as 1 hour, although we offer discounts for half day (4 hr) or full day (8 hr) block bookings – which can be used as training, consulting or a mixture of both as you need them (within a 3 month period).  If you’d like to discuss your consulting needs in more detail, or  find out more about our WordPress consulting service, please contact us.

Our WordPress Consultants

Our WordPress trainers and consultants all have extensive WordPress experience (most have web development/design experience, and are working, or have worked as professional web developers).  We  can therefore offer specialised WordPress Consulting services and give you peace of mind that you are dealing with an experienced WordPress professional.