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Online Marketing Strategy

For the average small business owner, working out how to compete in the increasingly complex world of online marketing is a significant challenge.

One upon a time (and not that very long ago), for most businesses, simply having a website was enough to get them noticed, and generate online enquiries and sales.

However, as your competitors get smarter and start to use more sophisticated strategies to promote their own businesses online, you may find it is becoming harder to stand out from the crowd and be noticed.

Online Marketing Strategy Session

In a Day understand the frustrations that businesses are facing to get noticed online, which is why we have decided to offer a specialised service designed to help business owners gain a clearer understanding of online marketing options, enabling them to develop a simple, but  comprehensive online marketing strategy to move their business forward.

In this 2 hr strategy session we will

  • sit with you (one on one) to review you specific business goals (online and offline)
  • gain an understanding into how you business operates
  • help you to define your conversion goals
  • review a variety of online marketing options including some or all of the following (where relevant)
      • domain strategies
      • social media strategy
      • keyword analysis
      • competitor analysis
      • content generation
      • search engine optimisation
      • conversion optimisation
      • link building strategy

As an outcome we will provide you with a strategic outline for raising the online profile of your business and present a proposal defining specific activities you could/should take to improve your  online presence and increase online enquiries and/or sales.

More information and Bookings

For further information about our Online Marketing Strategy Sessions or to make a booking, please feel free to contact us online or phone Andy on 0403 023 223