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Monetising your WordPress Website

As a result of requests from our Website In a  Day graduates, and a general increase in enquiries, we are currently putting together a series of workshops aimed at monetising your WordPress website. Monetising is the process of generating direct revenue from your website, or establishing a business which earns all (or at least the majority) of its income online   (as opposed to generating leads/enquiries/sales fro a traditional offline business).

Monetising WordPress Workshops

Because there are so many options for generating online revenue, we are not expecting to be able to create a single  “one size fits all” course which suits the needs or all students, or matches the business model for all types of online business.  We also expect that our monetisation workshops will, in most cases, be customised to specific needs and will therefore usually be one on one.

Most of our monetisation workshops will also offer a mixture of training and consulting. So, for example, an 8 hour workshop may consist of 6 hrs of training and 2 hrs of consulting (where we undertake particularly technical or difficult activities, e.g. coding or graphics, on your behalf rather than teach you how to do it – which is likely to take significantly longer).  Consulting activities may be undertaken as a part of the workshop (with you watching) or external to the face to face workshop.

In a Day Course Outlines

Outlined below are examples on some of the workshops we plan to provide :

  • eCommerce Shop In a Day – Buying and Selling stuff online is one of the things that most of us love about the internet, but for many small businesses taking the leap to selling their products or services online can seem a daunting process.  This workshop walks you through the process of choosing a suitable theme/plugin to meet your specific requirements, installation and customisation to meet your business and branding needs (including logo/graphics integration), configuration of payment (Paypal recommended) and shipping functionality, and the setup of up to a dozen products.
    note: this workshop is ideal for business that have a relatively small number of products (< 200) and reasonably simple shipping/payment gateway requirements.  Large or complex shopping sites are probably best to use specialist eCommerce software.
    If you’d like an eCommerce website, but don’t have the desire to learn how to set it up yourself, we can develop and setup an eCommerce site for you and povide basic training on how to manage and update it.
  • Affiliate Programs In a DayWhether you are adding affiliate links to your existing site, or generating an affiliate program to help promote and sell your own products/services, referral programs are one of the favourite ways to generate revenue online.  This workshop will help you decode whether affiliate programs are suitable for you and guide you through the process of setting up your own program, or joining an affiliate network.
  • Lead Capture In a Day – Although capturing leads/enquiries is often considered one of the core requirements for any website, this workshop goes into a lot more detail about how to maximise the quantity and quality of leads generated, and how to manage the leads once you have them.  It covers automated strategies for capturing leads, auto responders, and list optimisation.
  • Advertising / Adsense In a Day – Many popular websites can earn a significant income through advertising.  This could be in the form of privately negotiated banner advertising, or integration with commercial advertising schemes (such as Adsense).  This workshop covers strategies for attracting advertising, techniques to maximise the effectiveness of  banner advertising,  ad placement strategies, and hints and tips about joining advertising programmes.
  • Online Services In a Day – Creating a site which provides an online service – such as a Business directory or Classified Advertising system can be surprisingly easy to do.  For it to be successful though you need to choose a niche that generates plenty of traffic, and appeals to businesses who are prepared to pay for the privilege of listing with your site.
  • Membership Site In a Day – Membership sites typically offer online information or services to a specific target market, via a membership system which restricts access to “paid up” members.  This workshop provides advice and assistance in setting up your own membership site.
  • and more…

To find out more about our Website Monetisation Workshops, please Contact Us and we will get back to you to discuss your requirements in more detail and let you know when the next workshop is available.

note: All of our monetisation workshops are based around WordPress as the core CMS software, so the training we offer is primarily aimed at small business owners and solo professionals with an existing WordPress site – or at least some experience with using WordPress.  If you do not have this experience, we recommend that you first attend our Website In a Day workshop.