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Training Services


Here at In A Day, we are very aware of the significant benefits of practical, hands on training over traditional “seminar” type training courses.  That’s why all of the In a Day Workshops have a very strong emphasis on active involvement.

Practical, Hands on Training Workshops

In a Day Workshops are structured around practical activities where you get an opportunity to actually do and apply what is being taught as a part of the training process.  You probably won’t have to take copious notes, as courses typically include a  “Step by Step” workbook that details everything you need to know.  Most of the things you learn at an In a Day Workshop will be reinforced by these hands on activities, and in most cases, at the completion of the workshop you will not have just learned something – you will have achieved something as well.

Classroom, Small Group, and One on One Training Workshops

We recognise that not everyone is comfortable with classroom based training workshops – or are necessarily able to make it along to a scheduled workshop, so we offer a very flexible approach to training.  If you would prefer one on one training, or have a small group of people interested in a particular course, we are often able to provide personalised training options – either at our premises or yours.

Course Frequency

Depending on the course (and demand), we normally try to schedule classroom based sessions in Brisbane or the Gold Coast every month or two, but typically offer a number of other customised one on one or small group courses most months as well.

Ongoing Support

We recognise that despite how much you learn or how easy you find it during the workshops, after the course, things aren’t always so “crystal clear”.  So we offer free “refresher” sessions to all our In a Day Graduates.

These take the form of a 2hr, small group session where you get to raise and discuss any questions that have arisen and problems you may have encountered since attending the workshop. You have the opportunity to get face to face with a trainer to help guide you through the problem. We typically offer Refresher Classes once or twice a month.  See the Workshop Calendar for scheduled classes (in purple)

Need a Website?

The next “Website in a Day” hands on workshops will be held in Brisbane and the Gold Coast within the next couple of months.  These courses are designed to teach people with little or no web development experience to create their first website, and give them the skills to go on and create other websites of their own.

If you’d like to be notified when other courses are available, please Contact Us