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One Hour Mini Workshops

We recognise that for many people, committing 1 day of your valuable time to a Training Course is not something to be taken lightly.  Most people love the idea of our Hands On approach to training,  but some are not ready to take the step and book in for a full day workshop.

We Understand… and to make it easier for you to decide on whether or not to attend one of our full day workshops, we have put in place a “low risk” option to give you a taste for what you could learn – but at the same time, give you a great introduction into a topic which you are interested in.

Our “In an Hour” series of Mini Courses

OK., so most of our mini workshops will take a little longer than an hour, but we now offer a variety of low cost ($40), short (1-2 hr) training sessions which provide you with a good basic understanding of a particular topic.  These sessions consist of :

  • a 1 hr (or so) interactive presentation (where you get to learn the basics of the topic),
  •  followed by a  Question and Answer session (where you get to ask any questions you like – and learn more about what is of particular interest to you).  The Q and A sessions would also normally involve interactive / live demonstrations (where relevant) to more clearly get the answer across.

These sessions are usually held (face to face) at our training facilities in Brisbane or the Gold Coast, however we may also from time to time offer a Webinar/Online  based sessions.

Bonus : If you attend one of our Introductory “In an Hour” Sessions, and then subsequently decide to go ahead and book one of our full day workshops, we will even knock  the fee that you paid for the introductory session off the price of the full day workshop.

Currently, the following sessions are available (or in the pipeline)

  • Websites In an Hour – How can a  website help your business grow, and what do all those weird terms (Domain Names, Hosting, SEO, Blog, eCommerce, Social Media, etc) mean
  • WordPress In an Hour – What is WordPress, Why is it the worlds most popular CMS, and how can you use it to help raise the online profile of your business
  • Google Analytics In a Hour – Guide you through the process of creating your own Google Analytics account and implement it on your site.  Covers the basics of analytics and how it can used give you an insight into your users, and what you can do to make your site more effective.
  • eCommerce In an Hour – What is eCommerce, what are the different types of eCommerce, and how do you go about earning money from a website?
  • Social Media In an Hour – an introduction to Social media – what are the most effective social media sites to help promote your business, and how do you get started
  • SEO for WordPress In an Hour– What is Search Engine Optimisation and how do you go about optimising your WordPress website – to maximise rankings, traffic and sales/enquiries.
  • Self Manager Super Funds in an Hour – will take you through the benefits and risks of running a Self Managed Super fund and highlight your role and responsibilities of running your own Super Fund.

Click on a link above to find out more about that particular workshop and make your booking, or check out our Calendar to see when the next Mini Workshops are Scheduled