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Refresher Workshops

Many people find that once they get back to the real world, full of distractions and “other issues” affecting their business, that their website becomes less of a focus, and eventually they start to forget how to do stuff, or lose confidence in the skills they attained during the workshop.   Of course, you can refer to the workbook, but we recognise this is not the same as being able to ask someone, or be guided through the process face to face.   Some people have great plans for their site, but run into hurdles or problems when they try to implement them, and eventually it can become “too hard” and things can start to stagnate.

Refresher Session

So…in order to give our past students confidence (and website) a shot in the arm, we are very pleased to offer very low cost refresher sessions – just $20 a session.  These Refresher classes, (which are ONLY available to existing InaDay clients), consist of  a 1 1/2hr group based session where students can raise and discuss issues and problems.

Refresher Workshops

We offer a few different varieties of Refresher Workshops, each with an emphasis on a different aspect of getting the most out of your website… the most common courses we offer are outlined below :

WordPress Refresher Workshop

These refresher classes focus on WordPress features and functionality and are designed to answer your questions about using WordPress.  They will also cover general Plugin/Theme queries.

Domain/Hosting Refresher Workshop

These refresher classes focus on Domain and Hosting questions and problems.

SEO Refresher Workshop

Our Search Engine Optimisation Refreshers are designed to remind you of the things you could/should be doing to optimise the use of keywords on your site

General Refresher Workshop

Designed to include all of the above… and more

Book in NOW!!

We generally run Refresher courses once or twice a month and vary the days and times to make them more accessible to most people.  You can view upcoming sessions on our Workshop Calendar .  Numbers for all our Refresher courses are strictly limited, so you will need to contact us and Book or submit a payment via the form to the right to reserve a spot.

If you are not able to attend the next refresher session – Don’t Panic – we will be offering more of these Refreshers over the coming months, however, please feel free to contact us if there is anything else we may be able to assist you with.

note: our refresher classes are designed to cover a wide range of WordPress/Website/SEO questions and problems.. Because these are small group sessions we can only usually cover general topics… questions related to things specific to your website may be better addressed through one on one sessions.  We have a minimum numbers for these sessions, so may have to cancel at short notice.