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Website Copywriting In a Day

This Website Copywriting In a Day workshop is designed to teach anyone how they can write “copy” (articles, posts, pages and any other text based content) for the web.

It provides students with a framework and system to write content,  to launch and market their business products and services via their website. The course will teach how to write website copy that describes their business, products and services in an  appealing and enticing way, that  encourages visitors to purchase their products or services or to sign up for special offers.

This workshop is suitable for beginners and novices as well as experienced web users.  This course offers hands on, interactive training  and guides you through a step by step process to writing content for your website.

What Will You Learn?

This course is designed to provide small business owners and novice copywriters with the skills and systems to develop content to be used on a business website. The course will also provide a website copywriting blueprint to ensure that all future copy is aligned to the goals of the business.

Attendees of this course will :

  • Learn a 4-step website copywriting formula to produce high-quality copy every time no matter what the purpose of the web page is
  • Learn a website copywriting test that every word, paragraph and page must pass in order to maximise sales
  • Learn how to perform online market research like a true copywriting wizard.
  • Learn6 Tools for Online Persuasion and which ones work best for your business
  • Learn how to eliminate the dreadful “writers block” for good – with just a few simple steps and  you’ll never fear that blank computer screen again.
  • Discover the different personality types of your customers and how to craft powerful website copy that speaks directly to each type.
  • Learn how to manufacture desire in your website visitors and motivate them to take action without the ‘hard sell’
  • Learn how to  inform with features and sell with benefits
  • Discover the power of embedded commands, verbal patterns and other psychological sales triggers.
  • Learn the exact steps to crafting persuasive stories that slip under the radar, reduce buyer’s resistance and effectively induce the prospect to buy right now
  • Discover the secrets of using metaphors like a true copywriting wizard… and apply them strategically to capture attention, create involvement, eliminate anxiety and engineer agreement with your readers.
  • Learn the secrets to planting “seeds of curiosity” to create a slippery slide that forces your prospects to read your from top to bottom, word for word… and produce staggering results!
  • Discover how to write copy that ranks high in the search engines without making it sound like gibberish.

 Reserve Your Spot Now

Our Website Copywriting In-a-Day hands on workshop will not only teach you how to write compel;ling copy for your website, but will actually guide you through the process as you actually write content for use on your LIVE website. Workshops are scheduled most months, so you can contact us for more information or to make a booking

Course Outline

We cover the following in our Website Copywriting  training workshop :

  • Undertake Pre-copywriting Market Research
  • Develop your online Story and Voice
  • Create and write your Unique Sales proposition (USP)
  • Define  the “Perfect Target Customer”
  • Write website headlines that engage and keep visitors on your page
  • Create a master list of features and benefits
  • Learn how to increase the ‘pace’ of the copy using bullets
  • Learn where and when to use testimonials and how to write them for your customers
  • Create a ‘sales funnel’ to capture and manage website leads
  • Use the 4 Steps to Writing a Great Sales Message
  • Create your own ‘huge promise’ to generate more sales or enquiries
  • Craft a guarantee to reverse all risk without risking the business
  • Plant the single most important word throughout your website
  • Create your own Website Copy Blueprint

When is the Next Workshop?

We run Website Copywriting In a Day courses (for up to 8 people)  in Brisbane and the Gold Coast most months.   Please  see our Workshops Calendar for the latest scheduled courses.

If you are unable to attend one of our scheduled courses, or if your business has special training requirements, please contact us, as we may be able tailor course content to meet your specific needs. If you have any other queries or suggestions, or would like to be notified of future courses, please Contact Us.