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Helping Your Business Grow

All In a Day Training Workshops are focused around Hands On Training – with the primary goal of helping you to grow your business.  There are a number of aspects to our approach to training that makes our workshops ideal for businesses who are wanting to make a real difference.

Fast Results

We have all attended seminars, conferences and courses (many of which contain great content I might add) that provide loads on information, advice and suggestions about the types of things that we could or should be doing to improve our business.  However, in most cases, the actions to actually apply these changes to our business is left up to us – and more often than not, we don’t get around to doing it.

We have a very different approach at In a Day.  Our Workshops have a hands on focus, so you not only learn what to do and how to do it, in many cases you are actually taking action, and applying changes to your business as a part of the workshop itself.

  • In Website In a Day, you get to create your own website, and at the completion of the workshop have a LIVE fully functional website.
  •  In SEO for WordPress In a Day, you not only learn about Search Engine Optimisation, you actually get to optimise your site throughout the workshop.

Take Control of Your Business

We regularly get approached by website owners who are desperate for help, advice and assistance on how to take control of their own website.  Many are frustrated by the significant costs or delays imposed by their web developer to make small (and often trivial) changes to their websites.  Some, are being overcharged for hosting, domains, or other day to day activities they have been told are necessary to keep their sites up and running .  Many site owners who are being ignored or badly treated by their developers have finally had enough, and want to take steps to get control of their website (often one of their most important marketing tools).

Our Website In a Day and WordPress in a Day Workshops give website owners the skills and experience they need to be able to apply updates to their sites quickly (and for free).  SEO Training Workshops, teach business owners how to optimise their site themselves – or at least provides them with enough knowledge to make sensible decisions about outsourcing more specialist SEO activities.

Boost Your Profits

No matter how passionate you are about your business or how much you love doing what you do – at the end of the day, running a business is ultimately about making a profit.  In a Day workshops provide a great platform to help you to build and improve your business profits.

Having an effective website is becoming increasingly important for just about every Australian business, but many business owners have been “burnt” by web developers in the past, are frustrated with the costs and delays associated with dealing with their developer, or simply don’t know how to get started.

The Website In a Day Workshop is designed to make it easy for business owners to create their own website, and learn the skills they need to manage and maintain it themselves – with minimal ongoing expense or fuss.    Our various Monetising WordPress Workshops are designed specifically to guide you through the process of maximising the prophet you get from your website and earning money online