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WordPress In-a-Day

Learn how to get the most out of WordPress In a Day!

If your website or blog uses WordPress, you are in good company because over 85 Million people have chosen to use WordPress as the perfect platform to manage their websites – making it (by far) the worlds most popular Content Management System (CMS). One of the reasons WordPress is so popular, is that it is so easy to use, and most people find that they are able to use many of the basic features with little or no formal training.

However, WordPress is also extremely powerful and has loads of more sophisticated and advanced features that can add a lot of extra benefit to your website or blog.  In addition, there are thousands of add-on products (called “plugins”) that are freely available and add all sorts of additional features and functionality to your website. Our WordPress In-a-Day hands on workshop will not only teach you how to manage your own WordPress based website or blog, but will give to practical hands on experience, and ensure that you are maximising the benefits of WordPress for your specific needs.

8 Hours customised Training/Consulting

Whilst we can (if you wish), spend a full day with you, One on One training tends to be fairly intense, so we typically offer this in 2 or 4 hour “chunks” of time – which can be spread across a 3 month period if you need.  This allows us to focus on a specific aspect of your WordPress training needs, and gives you time to go away, have a “play” and come up with a new list of questions for the next session.  It is also possible to use this time as training , or consulting or a mixture of the two.  Sometimes, you may want something implemented,. but you don’t necessarily want or need to know how to do it.  It may only take us half an hour to implementsomething, but 1 1/2 hrs to teach you how to do it… so in these cases it is more cost effective for us to do it as consulting.

Personalised WordPress Training

Our WordPress In-a-Day Workshop offers you personalised WordPress training cto help you get the most out of WordPress.  We customise your WordPress training to meet to your specific needs so you can be certain that you are not wasting time learning things that you already know (or don’t need). To ensure that everything we cover is relevant to you, we only offer WordPress In-a-Day as one on one and small group training (we don’t present this workshop as classroom based training). As a part of the preparation for this workshop, we will liaise with you over exactly how you are using WordPress and what you want to achieve with this training.  Topics covered could include all (or some) of the following :

  • Wordpress courseWordPress Configuration and setup
  • Choosing a suitable WordPress Theme
  • Installing and Customising WordPress Themes
  • How to decide what WordPress Plugins you need
  • Installation, configuration and customisation of WordPress plugins (for example)
  • WordPress Search Engine Optimisation Plugins
  • WordPress Backup plugins
  • WordPress Form plugins
  • WordPress Affiliate plugins
  • WordPress Shopping cart Plugins
  • WordPress User setup and management
  • WordPress Content Management (e.g.)
  • Pages vs Posts – what is the difference?
  • Managing your Page Structure (and menus)
  • Using Images in WordPress
  • Video and Audio in WordPress

And pretty much anything else you may wish to know about using WordPress…

What do you get?

You will already have a WordPress based website or blog that you (or somebody else) has setup.  You will know how to log in, and may know a little about the basics, but you will be uncertain or have little or no idea about how to manage it effectively.  WordPress Training will help you to feel competent (and confident) to handle the ongoing activities that you need to run a functional and effective website.  You will get 8 hrs of practical hands on training, making changes, improving the features, and optimising the effectiveness of your site.

We expect  this WordPress Training to provide you with enough information to not only manage your own WordPress website, but give you actual hands on experience so you can confidently undertake your ongoing website management yourself. If you are enthusiastic and enjoy WordPress (as much as we do), there may even be opportunities for you to work with In-a-Day to provide or assist in WordPress Training workshops in the future.

When Can I Start a Course?

We can usually schedule WordPress Training – which consist of a full 8 hours of hands on WordPress training – to fit in with your needs. We can provide this workshop most days throughout the year (including weekends), in Brisbane. For further information or to make a booking, simply  contact us and we will be in touch to check on your requirements and schedule a suitable training date for you.

WordPress Consulting

If you have a WordPress based site, but don’t have the time or desire to lean how to customise or manage it yourself, through our association with WordPress Training Australia, we can also offer WordPress Consulting services, that can be booked on an hourly basis to help you to setup, customise or improve your WordPress website or blog.  You can even combine WordPress training and consulting if you wish, so we can teach you specific areas of WordPress that you should know, and implement other features or functionality that you want on your site, but don’t necessarily need to learn how to set it up.