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School Holiday Workshops

In a Day Training Workshops cater for a wide variety of different needs and we have had a number of children (from as young as 12) and teenagers attend our workshops – and all have done extremely well. Tech-savvy teenagers have grown up in the digital/online world, have no fear of technology and are full of confidence when it comes to using online tools and resources.  So our younger students tend to do very well in our workshops – and in fact we have even been able to offer part time employment to a number of them in assistant trainer/tutor roles.

Younger students also tend to be more used to taking direction and (when motivated) can often achieve much more with their websites than adults who are sometimes cautious or even “scared” of the technology.

Web Training for Kids

We have seen increasing interest in web training workshops for kids, and have decided to establish a school holiday program of  workshops designed specifically to meet the needs of kids and teenagers. Many of our adult students create a website for their business – obviously the average teenager does not (yet) have a business, but there are many other things they would find a website useful for :

  • A Hobby based website – news, info and resources related to a hobby or sport they are passionate about
  • A Personal Blog – their own perspective on day to day life as a teenager
  • A Portfolio Site – an online portfolio of art, fashion, writing or music
  • An Online CV – an outline of skills and experience to assist in getting a job
  • A Business website for their parents business – what better way to get the kids involved in a family business than to have them help out on the technology side (and learn some skills along the way)
  • a Start to their own online business – for the budding entrepreneur

We are in the process of developing our teen friendly workshops, and will add more information, and publish scheduled events when they are ready.  In the interim, if you are interested in having your kids learn how to create and manage their own website, or have any suggestions as to what types of training might be suitable, or requests for particular type of workshop or training, , please feel free to contact us.