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WordPress Refresher (1/2 Day Workshop)

This 3hr Workshop is aimed at “Intermediate” WordPress users who :

  • have an exisitng WordPress Website that they have been using for a while (but have forgotten some details… or
  • have recently had a WordPress website developed for them, but don’t really understand how to use it properly… or
  • have “inherited” the responsibility to look after their business website, but have received little or no training.

This WordPress Refresher Workshop will cover a variety of important areas including some or all of the following (we can customise this depending on attendee needs)  :

  • WordPress/Plugin/Theme Updates
  • Backups
  • Search Engine Optimisation Fundamentals
  • Blogging Strategy
  • Analytics/Search Console

note: our refresher classes are designed to cover a wide range of WordPress/Website/SEO questions and problems.. Because these are small group sessions we can only usually cover general topics… questions related to things specific to your website may be better addressed through one on one sessions.  We have a minimum numbers for these sessions, so may have to cancel at short notice.