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Is 2011 the year of the great website boom?

The great boom in websites for sale is underway. Domain and website investing is emerging as the popular investment vehicle for this decade.

In January the Australian website Spreets sold to Yahoo7 for $40 million, following reports that the American player Groupon knocked back an offer of over $5 billion from Google. Last December another huge sale was RetailMeNot for $90 million. But it is not just group-buying sites that are booming. Hot markets include fashion, cars, health, investment and just about every other popular niche that you can think of.

With the majority of us now researching products and services online, the traditional forms of advertising including television and print media are no longer viable. Companies are now seeing the value in buying up keyword rich domains and sites of value in their niche to control a larger slice of their market.

Venture capital and private equity firms are now also chasing the enormous profits that can be made from virtual real estate. Even mum and Dad investors are entering the market and beginning to see certain websites and domains as assets.

So what makes websites and domains into valuable assets?

There are many variables that can turn a website or domain into a valuable and desirable commodity.
These include:

  • age of domain (domains more than 2 years old are regarded higher by most search engines)
  • keyword rich domains (e.g realestate.com)
  • profit derived from the site
  • automation (a business that runs with little input from the owner)
  • traffic (access to a large group of targeted customers day and night)

We are running our Website In A Day course so that you can create your very own search engine friendly website. You will leave with a fully functional live site and the knowledge and tools to create a portfolio of your own websites.

We hope to see your websites for sale in the near future with muti-million dollar price tags!