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With a huge number of of website platforms to choose from, it can difficult for a small business to determine which one will suit their needs the best. From startup costs to additional tools needed to successfully maintain a website, the choices can become overwhelming.

WordPress, combines some of the most powerful tools and applications needed to have a professional website at an affordable price…. and is by far the the worlds most popular platform for creating a small business website for a number pf reasons :

  • Ease of Use : Most users find WordPress Intuitive and relatively easy to use
  • Popularity : The simple fact that it IS so popular (nearly 60% of small business websites worldwide are based on WordPress) is one very good reason why it continues to become more popular.  There are MANY more resources available to WordPress website owners that any other platform… from training services, to website developers, to consultants, to online tutorials…
  • Open Source Software: WordPress opens open source software, which is what experts deem the best way to run a website. Open source software means that you’ll work with an open source platform without any licensing charges, hidden fees, or limits on the amounts of coding and/or uploading you use.
  • Compatibility: WordPress is designed to be compatible with all operating systems, such as Windows and Mac. It’s also compatible with mobile platforms such as Android & iOS
  • Themes and Plugins: WordPress offers a variety of unique and useful plugins to help boost traffic to your website. In addition, arrays of business themes are available, catered to several different industries.
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): Since most businesses update their websites frequently, WordPress is a trusted platform and has the ability to rank high in search engine results. WordPress also has helpful SEO plugins that help boost your ratings even further.
  • Content Management System (CMS): WordPress is a CMS, which allows you to quickly and easily upload, edit, and publish content. It also means that you don’t need to understand HTML or become a web developer in order to maintain your site. Simply create, upload, and publish your materials with just a few clicks.

Designing, Developing, or Enhancing your small business website can be a daunting task…. In a Day are WordPress professionals and can help you with WordPress Training or Consulting to enable you to “take Control” of your website and learn how to manage it mostly youtrself.

If you would like some assistance to ensure you have the best website possible, please give Andy a call on 0403 023 223 or Contact Us.