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WordPress is by far the most popular platform for creating websites, and one of the reasons for this is that there are so many people who can help you with it…

But not everyone who “claim” to provide WordPress Training are actually very good at it. Many, even with just a bit of WordPress experience can help you out in some aspects… but very few have well rounded WordPress Experience and are able to offer effective and efficient WordPress Training.

This post outlines some of the things you should consider when looking for WordPress Training, and some of the questions that you should be asking potential WordPress Trainers.

How much do you charge for WordPress Training ?

Cost is obviously important – particularly for a small business or startup… but if you use this as the prime criteria for selecting a WordPress Trainer you are likely to be disappointed.

“Cheap” WordPress Training is most than likely being offered by people with limited experience… If you go with a cheap option, you may get lucky and find someone who can help, but more than likely you will be frustrated by someone who doesn’t know the answers to your questions or who tries to teach you things that are not useful, or (even worse) incorrect.

If budget is a constraint for you we suggest that you spend some time looking through free online resources (which can usually be found via Google) until you have enough WP experience to know what you need to know, and recognise when you are being misled.

Do you have Coding or Design Experience ?

A Good WP trainer does not necessarily need to be a coder or designer, but broad experience in both these areas will help a LOT.

Extensive experience in one, but not the other might also be a problem, as hard core coders tend to be oblivious to User Experience Design (usability), and extensive Design skills often may not understand how to achieve certain functional requirements (it’s a Left/Right brain thing).

Do You Build Websites ?

A WordPress trainer who is not also actively building websites is likely to be not up to date with the latest WordPress and Plugin updates and enhancements. WP and Plugins get updated regularly… if your trainer is not aware and familiar of these changes you might as well seek training from Youtube.

Do You Understand and Teach SEO ?

Out of the box, WordPress is excellent for Search Engine Optimisation, but there are many ways that it can be improved using strategies and plugins. If your WP Trainer is not familiar with SEO and is not incorporating Search Engine Optimisation techniques into your training then you are very likely missing out on many opportunities to promote and grow your business.

Do You Understand and Teach Analytics

One of the great things about using the web to promote your business is that pretty much everything can be measured and monitored. Analytics provides a fantastic way for you to determine how visitors and potential customers/clients find and interact with your website.

Understanding Google Analytics and Googles Search Console should be included as a fundamental part of your training.

Do You Offer One on One, Small Group or Workshop based Training ?

There are various ways that training can be provided… not all are going to be relevant or useful to you, but it is important that you have options, that you understand the differences in he types of training being offered and that you discuss with the trainer which option is likely to be of most benefit to you.

Do You Provide “In House” Training ?

Does your trainer come to you, or do you go to them ? In house training is likely to be more expensive, but if you have a number of people to train may work out being more cost effective.

Out of Office training may allow you to be more “focused” on what you are being taught, without distractions of phone calls or other staff.

Do You provide Face to Face or Remote training

Face to face WordPress training is usually a more effective option, but if you live/work a great distance from the training centre, remote training may be a better option for you (although session length may meed to be reduced).

Can you help with Domains and Hosting ?

Creating or managing a WordPress website is just a part of the overall picture… Ideally, your trainer should also be aware and able to assist you with registering a domain name, setting up web hosting, creating email addresses and managing your hosting environment (backups, storage, bandwith, etc…)

Do you offer ongoing Maintenance/Support Services ?

What happens after the initial training session is complete… can you schedule in follow up training, or can you arrange to contact the trainer by email/phone if you have any further questions or issues ?

When seeking WordPress Training, in order to ensure that you get training that is relevant and useful, we recommend that you get answers to the above questions as a minimum…

If you’d like to discuss how In a Day can help you with WordPress Training, please give Andy a call on 0403 023 223 or Contact Us