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There are many parallels between websites and traditional forms of investments such as bricks and mortar real estate. And over the past year many companies, venture capitalists, private equity funds and also mum and dad investors are identifying quality websites for their strong investment potential.

Similarities between traditional real estate and virtual real estate investing include:

  • cashflow – you can rent out websites to companies and businesses, sell products from them just like a real store, or lease advertising space (banner ads)
  • capital growth potential- the right type of website in a fruitful niche can produce huge gains on investment
  • renovation- often just some minor tweaking to a site can make it more productive in conversion or traffic generated
  • portfolio additions- buy buying multiple websites or domains in particular niche you can become a big player in that area, just like a property developer would buy up houses side by side for redevelopment

Return on investment or ROI can be huge as many sites can repay their initial capital invested in such a short time depending on the relationship between sales price and net incomes produced. Unlike most traditional offline businesses a website can be open 24 hours a day, and often does not have huge overheads such as staff, rental of the premises and rates bills.

If you know what you are doing you can quite easily own and run multiple income producing websites for very little outlay.

We have just released our new dates for upcoming Website In A Day courses where you will walk out with a fully functional live website that you have created yourself, plus the knowledge and tools to repeat the process many times over. To find out more or to book in to the next course click here.