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online marketing strategiesA new year has begun and the success of any business this year more than ever will be determined by how effective your online marketing campaigns are.  Once you get your digital marketing right things become so much easier. A good campaign will send more highly targeted leads to call, email or even purchase online.

You will then have a more systemised and profitable asset of a business. You can then stop wasting time chasing prospects and start spending more time doing those things you do best; doing the things you love.

Here are my top 2 picks for cost effective marketing in 2014

Google plus

google plus logoIf you pick only one social media platform I recommend you to take a closer look at google+

As you probably already realise google is the dominate power of the web. Google not only has the top search engine in the world but also owns You Tube which is number 2. As we go further into the future google has some very big plans for applications and devices it is going to release which will transform the way we do business.

With a google plus account you can achieve google authorship which allows you to add your profile picture to google search results. This is very easy to achieve even if you have multiple website authors when you are running a WordPress website. Which leads me to my number 2 pick for effective marketing in 2014.

WordPress websites

Wordpress training coursesNow more than 40%  of  new websites are being built in WordPress and there is a reason; It is absolutely AWESOME!

With the functionality available with WordPress we able to teach people to quickly build their very own search engine friendly, functional websites and take control of their online presence in a really big way.

Whether you require eCommerce, a listing directory or even eBay like functionality there are now great themes and plugins that can help you achieve just about anything you require without the need to hire an expensive developer. Also with an effective blogging strategy search engines will see your site as current and relevant.

If you would like to unleash the power of WordPress and marry it with an effective social media and blogging strategy that will give your business the edge contact us today.