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WordPress is THE Most Popular Web Platform for a whole lot of reasons…. but one of the most important reasons is that it is reasonably easy to use, and relatively simple to learn.

Most people find that updating a WordPress site is fairly intuitive and are usually able to do simple changes and updates with little or no experience…

However, there are some activities which may require a little more guidance or training :

  • Creating a WordPress website from scratch (probably along with domain, hosting and email setup)
  • Choosing a suitable theme
  • Adding new functionality (e.g. with Plugins)
  • Styling Changes (CSS modifications)
  • Website Management (Backups, System & Plugin Updates)
  • Search Engine Optimisation and Analytics

Free WordPress Training Resources Online

A great advantage of WordPress’s popularity is that there are lots of online resources around to help you… many of them for Free. You will be able to find Videos, Blog Posts, Online Tutorials and Forums which address pretty much every aspect of WordPress…

The obvious attraction to this type of training is that it is cheap (or even free), but there are downsides as well :

  • It can be time consuming finding suitable resources – and you may not be sure what keywords to Google for.
  • There is great variance in quality – some resources are fantastic, some are questionable (or not relevant to your specific circumstances), and some are just plain wrong.
  • They may be out of date. WordPress and plugins change fairly regularly… many online resources (more than a few months old) may no longer be correct or may be misleading. This can become very confusing and frustrating

We are often contacted by people who have spent a considerable amount of time (often months) searching for and using free WordPress Training resources online… with limited success.

WordPress Courses and Workshops

WordPress Training Courses and Workshops can be a very effective way (for beginners in particular) to get some focused and up to date training with setting up and managing a website.

By its nature, this type of training would typically be fairly general in nature (because it is designed for groups of people) and may not necessarily be able to address your specific functional requirements, but a general purpose WP training workshop is a great way to learn the fundamentals of WordPress.

Small Group Training Sessions

Small Group WordPress Training would typically be offered to 2 or more people who are involved in learning about how to manage the same business or corporate website or niche. The training can be customised for the specific audience and would therefore usually be able to address specific functional requirements.

Customised One on One Training

If you have an existing website, One on One training is likely to be the best option for you as this can be customised to meet your specific functional needs and level of experience.

One on One training would typically be provided on an hourly basis, and whilst the hourly rate might be a little higher than a workshop, you will cover a great deal more in a much shorter amount of time so this is often much better value.

In a Day offer a variety of training options and can help you with ALL your
WordPress, SEO, Analytics, Digital Marketing and Blogging training needs.

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