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WordPress Training & Consulting

One Day Workshop for Beginners and Customised One on One and Small Group Training or Consulting if you already have a WordPress Website.

Marketing Training & Consulting

We can provide you with the WordPress, Online Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation Training  you need to efficiently run your Australian Business.

Website Creation

We can buid a WordPress website for you… or guide you through the process of creating your own website.

WordPress Website Management

We can look after your WordPress website for you .. doing regular activities such as backups and software updates.

Website In a Day

One Day Workshop for Complete Beginners… We guide you through the process of creating your own WordPress Website.

WordPress Training

One on One and Small Group WordPress Training – pesronalised to match the Theme and Functionality of your website..

SEO Training

One on One and Small Group SEO Training & Strategic Planning – Customised to meet your specific needs.

We Build Your Website

We Build a WordPress Website to your specifications and provide you with the training you need to be able to manage and Update it yourself.

WordPress & SEO Consulting

We provide advice and assistance with your WordPress Website, Search Engine Optimisation and Online Marketing Needs

WordPress Website Management

We look after you website for you… doing the regular activities (such as backups, software updates and security checking) to ensure that your site is operating correctly.

Learn How to Create and Manage Your Own WordPress Website…

Latest News

How to Learn WordPress

WordPress is THE Most Popular Web Platform for a whole lot of reasons.... but one of the most important reasons is that it is reasonably easy to use, and relatively simple to learn. Most people find that updating a WordPress site is fairly intuitive and are usually...

Choosing the Best Website Platform for your Small Business….

With a huge number of of website platforms to choose from, it can difficult for a small business to determine which one will suit their needs the best. From startup costs to additional tools needed to successfully maintain a website, the choices can become...

SEO Training Brisbane

If you are a Brisbane based business struggling to find your own website on Google - you are not alone. You may be ranking OK for your own business name, but it is becoming increasingly difficult for the average small business website to achieve good rankings for more...

6 “SEO for WordPress” Tips

One of the (many) reasons WordPress is the world's most popular web development platform, is that "out of the box" (i.e. without having to do anything extra) it is already very search engine friendly. However there are some simple strategies you can follow to make...

10 Questions to Ask when choosing a WordPress Trainer

WordPress is by far the most popular platform for creating websites, and one of the reasons for this is that there are so many people who can help you with it... But not everyone who "claim" to provide WordPress Training are actually very good at it. Many, even with...

SEO Audit/Training Special Offer

Most website owners know a bit about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), but many find it a bit of a Mystery and think that it is difficult to do.... In years gone by, there were a range of Tricks and Tactics that SEOs used to help raise the profile of your website, but...

WordPress, SEO, Analytics Training Services

We offer a varety of training and consulting solutions to meet the needs of your business.
We run most training our of our Carina (Brisbane) training center, but can also come to you, or provide remote training.


Public Workshops offering beginner training

One on One Training

Customised One on One Training – either Face to face or Remotely.

Corporate / Small Group Training

Customised Training for your oriagnisation.

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